Acting Course

Duration 2 months weekday and weekend and 2 week workshop

Cinema and Television is an art made for commerce. We coach you about the History of Acting, Bollywood . Introduce you to the Navrasa(nine emotions) with various sub emotions

You will also be made aware of the significance and importance of breathing, which helps you perform without being stressed, also helps modulate your voice.

We concentrate majorly on practicals.we at ELFA train each one of you acting students according to your strengths and weaknesses keeping your personality identification in mind.

You learn to communicate not only with your co actors but also with the people in the business and most importantly the camera.

As an actor, you should focus on observation and imagination, so that its easy for you to conceptualise a character according to the script, channelise it correctly through your skills and finally manifest it on command after a complete character study. We prepare you on the skills of handling auditions and meetings.We also have a lot of opening up exercises for you.We work on your grammar , diction, speech, emotion, voice modulation. In short, its a complete makeover experience , where acting is a side effect.