Pageant Grooming Course

Duration- 6 months

A Pageant, is where dreams come true, chance to be a princess / prince with a crown on your Head or a sceptre in your hand A charismatic and dynamic personality, is what a Pageant Model is about. The ability to charm the judges with one's Beauty and brains. At ELFA, we train our student to understand what all it takes to win a Pageant. It’s an intensive course, where we work on grooming them and helping them discover their true Potential. Understanding various rounds in a Pageant and working towards them. Apart from training our students for the various challenges of the Pageant, we also work on developing their personality, social etiquettes presentation skills, handling pageant questions etc.

The Pageant Grooming course covers up everything that the Modelling Industry offers.

Height requirement
Girls- 5’5” & above
Boys- 5’11” & above